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Stainless Steel Garboard Drain Plug  256-4206S-00

Stainless Steel Garboard Drain Plug 256-4206S-00

ITEM NO. Description Material
256-04206-00 Garboard Drain Plug Brass
256-04205-00 Plug Only Brass
256-04204-00 Flange Only Brass
256-04210-00 Garboard Drain Plug Bronze
256-04207-00 Plug Only Bronze
256-04208-00 Flange Only Bronze
256-04206-CP Garboard Drain Plug Chrome Plated BR
256-04205-CP Plug Only Chrome Plated BR
256-04204-CP Flange Only Chrome Plated BR
256-4206S-00 Garboard Drain Plug Stainless Steel
256-4207S-00 Plug Only Stainless Steel
256-4204S-00 Flange Only Stainless Steel
256-04211-00 Garboard Drain Plug with T-Handle Bronze

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